Yemen battle: Saudi Arabia army repels Houthi rebels

Saudi Arab and allies have dealt a severe blow to advancing Houthi rebels in Yemen as the latest confrontation has seen some massive air-strikes that forced rebel group to evacuate the Presidential Palace in Aden. A series of air-strikes kept Houthi fighters from keeping a grip on their latest success that saw them overrun Presidential Palace. The rebel fighters left the area without facing much loss. The recent escalation started Friday, with Saudi fighter jets targeting key spots seized by rebels. 
A United Nation (UN) report has said that more than 500 people have been killed in the fight that has gone on for the past two weeks. On the other hand, Turkey has reached out to Saudi Arabia and allies, promising full support in the battle against Yemen rebels. Houthis appear to be slipping away.
Yemen war Urdu news: Saudi Arab Army and Iran's at cold war
There has been a lot of talk about where the ongoing crisis will go and to make matters worse, Turkey also has jumped in.

Though Saudi forces do not need outside support, there is a possibility that Houthi rebels will be forced to retreat and give Arab allies a chance to regain their foothold in Yemen as there is likely rapprochement and political deal among Yemeni factions. The deal might be brokered by International community, but things look a bit difficult as Iran is believed to be covertly supplying rebels with strategic support.

Should Pakistan jump in? Well, they have already decided to jump in. I don't think Saudis want Pakistan Army on ground in Yemen because they know they can handle the crisis on their own right. And if worst comes to worst, they can always call their friends like Pakistan and Turkey. So far, Iran appears to be backing away and it has received a strong message from Arab alliance that Middle East is not going to tolerate an Iran-backed regime in any country after what they have been through in Syria. 
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