UAE: Emirates Identity Authority to pick language for website, Urdu included

UAE (United Arab Emirates)'s Identity Authority is seeking to include the third language to its website, and Urdu is among the four languages being considered to be picked. In addition to Urdu being under consideration, there are Malayalam of India, Mandarin and Tagalog of Philippines.

The website of Emirates Identity Authority is conducting a poll and the plan is to pick the third language in addition to English and Arabic. So are you ready to see Urdu being the language added to UAE Identity Authority website.

Here is the UAE government website poll: Poll Here

Urdu, without a doubt, it one of the most spoken languages in the entire Middle East, especially UAE, mainly because of tens of thousands of Pakistanis working there and the language has proved itself to be among the fastest growing languages in recent years.

Although India's Malayalam apparently seems a bigger language than Urdu in terms of number of people speaking that particular language, Urdu shares a lot in common with Arabic, the language spoke in UAE. After English and Arabic, Urdu, I think, can attract votes the most votes because it is not just Pakistan that has people belonging to Urdu, but several Indian cities has Urdu-speaking population. Muslim states like UP and Bihar speak Urdu and expatriates from these parts are in UAE in large numbers.
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