Adopted Girl Was Not Dead But Still Buried

We are still a backward society where there are various issues at individual and social level. Even in this age of technology and information, we seem to be living in the dark ages. The lack of education seems to be major impediment in the progress of our country. It is not just limited to rural areas but there are open manifestations of stupidity even in  the urban cities. 

The governments have a role to play in this spread of stupidity and ignorance. The political elite of our country does not want the ordinary and poor lot to be educated which is why they keep spending on building roads and bridges without any attention to the development of human resource and educated Pakistanis which is only possible through education. 


Poverty compels poor parents to donate their children especially daughters to other relatively financially stronger people and this is what happened in this case. The poor parents gave their only daughter of just 6 years old to their neighbors.

It remains unknown whether the parents knew the trade of the man who had adopted the daughter. He was a black magician and into cult activities and dark sciences.  The man started his ritual by giving the girl some drugs which made her unconscious. 

Under this pretext, he declared that the girl is sick and might die without letting the people know the original motive behind this filthy act.  Claiming that the girl is dead while she was clearly not does land the magician in any trouble. The reason was simple: the villagers were as uneducated and superstitious as this man.

The magician had adopted the girl in order to perform the dark ritual which was intended to give this filthy man some supernatural powers. The girl was buried into the grave without people knowing that she was not dead, just had fallen unconscious due to the drug dose. 

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