Why Obamacare Was Not Met Well In Missouri

Being a predominantly Republican state in terms of political composition Missouri has always exhibited a major resistance towards Obamacare. This is clearly manifested in the form of the opposition that Obamacare has faced in the state of Missouri in the year 2010 when the people of Missouri voted massively for Proposition C demanding an expansion of their health care insurance plans under the medicaid program rather than choosing or purchasing from the insurance plans that Obamacare intended to offer them. In the words of the House Republican leader John Boehner, "the steadfast opposition of the American people to out-of-touch Washington Democrats' plan.” (Montopoli, 2010) With the help of the successful opposition campaign that Republicans were able to organize and launch for the Affordable Care Act it became prominent enough that the state court and the federal government had to consider the will of the people and act in accordance to it which implied directly in the postponement of the health care bill that the Obama administration so desperately wanted to pass.
It has been four years since Obamacare first came on the surface in the US parliament, and with the passage of time resistance and opposition towards it has increased. To this day people disapproving it are at 57 percent according to the latest Pew Research that was conducted. It is important that Obama administration introduces some proper restructuring of the health care bill and its overall mechanism so that it can help in producing some tangible changes for the people in the long run.
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