Obamacare in Missouri Issues

Since the time Obamacare was passed, states such as Missouri that have always been considered as the hub of Republican candidates opposed the legislation staunchly. The degree of criticism and opposition of the people of Missouri can be manifested from the fact that in the year 2010 an overwhelming majority of Missourians voted against the Affordable Healthcare Act or Obamacare as it is known with a massive 71 percent. Known as Proposition C, it was a state law that actually kept the government from mandating people to get health insurance and imposing fines on them for not purchasing it. Passing of Proposition C placed the state government in direct confrontation with the federal government. However, an important dimension that cannot be sidelined is the opposition of Missourians towards the Obamacare.
A prominent reason for this is the dramatically high level of health insurance premiums that Missourians will have to pay once Obamacare is promulgated in their state. According to a report from the Center for Data Analysis at the Heritage Foundation the average premium of a 27-year-old will rise from $159 to $244 per month registering a 53 percent rise in the premium that will be paid. Similarly the average insurance premium for a 50-year-old will also skyrocket from an average monthly premium of $299 to $416 making it extremely affordable for the people of the state to afford health insurance or pay for it (Kampis, 2013). On the other hand Missouri Medicaid is currently in line with the requirements and the needs of Missourians and is playing an effective role towards satisfying their needs related to health care.

 The story of Josh and Rayanna Robiinett and their daughter Aria is a case in point. They were able to afford the expensive treatment of their infant daughter who suffered from lymphoblastic leukemia. She was supposed to be injected with a syringe every other week each of which had a cost of $3000 (Bale, 2013). Even though Aria could not survive much, the parents were still happy that they were able to do something for their daughter because of the services that were offered to them by Medicaid. Missourians will be deprived from these facilities of medicaid after the promulgation of Obamacare which means that more than 300,000 Missourians get sick or need any other kind of treatment they will have to find health care centers that are funded by the federal government to acquire any sort of treatment, something that not all Missourians will be able to afford. 
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