Why Obamacare became an issue in Missouri

One of the major policies due to which small-scale community health centers working within a state and catering to the needs of a small target market may not intend to expand Medicaid under Obamacare is the fact that they will simply fall short in terms of providing the people to their health center in terms of the services and facilities that they provide to them. The concern is not just being felt in Missouri, but even other states of the country have similar concerns. "If the larger organizations decide they're going hard after all those newly insured patients, you could see a feeding frenzy," was the concern registered by Dr. Robert Winn, associate vice president for community-based practice at the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System (Lowry, 2013).
The notion due to which community health centers will never be in favor of expanding medicaid services under the banner of Obamacare is simple. The entire phenomenon is simply based on the maximization of profit margins and naturally, medical centers that are well funded by the federal government will be able to offer state of the art services to their patients, leaving others in the race of competition and overtaking one another.
At the same time it is also important to mention here that an estimated 877,000 Missourians are currently uninsured at present (Lowry 2013). Reason being that these people could not afford the monthly expenditure that they had to pay in order to maintain or buy an insurance from the Medicaid program. Now with the Obamacare taking control of all healthcare facilities, the costs for health care are going to increase making it difficult for them to make their ends meet with a higher portion of their incomes going as premium.
One of the issues that can actually serve as an alarming point for Samuel U Rodgers Health Center is that being headquartered in a state of Missouri which is as mentioned earlier a Republican state it might not be on the priority list of the federal government which is currently under the control of the democrats. On the priority list of states for the federal government it would definitely be states who have democratic governments and who were more than ready to accept the funding that the government was ready to offer them as compared to Missouri and its health care centers who went to every possible extent to ensure that they triumphed in providing the government with the resistance on the expansion of medicaid program becoming operational under the banner of the Obamacare.
Another reason that will further play a role in driving the attention of Samuel U Rodgers Health Center towards the Obamacare issue is the fact that when it comes to funding, it will be higher and large scale health care centers equipped with the state of the art healthcare facilities incorporated with them who will be the first ones to receive funding and benefit from the money that will be provided in the form of health programs launched by the government. A health care center like Samuel U Rodgers trying to help a small segment of the population will not be able to top the list of fund beneficiaries who will occupy top slots.
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