Chile flood kills 23 people, destroys entire city

Chile had to battle some of the worst floods in decades along one of its coasts, which killed at least 23 people. More than 50 people are still missing and government is trying to rescue villagers still trapped in roaring water that has destroyed Atacama desert area. A video of flood shared by CBC News shows that flood water rages through roads sweeping everything away.
Tens of thousands of people have been forced from their houses, and the authorities and bodies concerned for natural disaster management has been put on red alert.

Buildings, train cars and trucks float by in massive Chile flooding, after some of the worst rainfall seen in decades.
Posted by CBC News on Thursday, April 2, 2015
President of Chile Michelle Bachelet has been frantically working to get people back to normal life, and she has already cancelled all her upcoming foreign trips for the time being. 

چلی کے شہر میں خوفناک سیلاب، 23 افراد ہلاک، سینکڑوں لاپتہ
Posted by ‎پاکستانی بچہ‎ on Saturday, April 4, 2015

Her sensible step was met with great appreciation and this shows that government knows what to do in order to get people out trouble.
News analysts and weather experts said the area hit by flood is often flooded in the monsoon season but torrential rain and winds have made the situation terrible.

Watch the video and see how cars, trucks and even big tankers are floating through the streets, sweeping things away with massive force. I do not know how many people were still trapped in the water, but authorities are sure that the loss is much lower than people are guessing because most of destruction was inflicted on land, farms, industrial area and empty spaces. Although the death toll has gone up to 23 since flood hit the area. I do not even know why the governments are lazy to build more bridges and safe passages for people to survive in monsoon weather, and for countries like Chile, such measures are the need of the hour.

Eye witnesses filmed the flood and it is easy to see that almost entire city was submerged in the waters. This has reminded of Japan Tsunami, although that was much more destructive than Chile flooding. 
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