The Effects of Electric Cars

Although governments and the general public feel that the electric car will be of great help in reducing global warming, some scientists are actually questioning such facts: They would like to know:
·         How electric cars and their batters are and will be manufactured in future
·         The production method of electricity which will charge the cars
Research in Norway has found that the possibility exists that in exceptional circumstances, electric cars will have a greater impact on global warming than conventional cars. One of the authors of this report Guillaume Majeau-Bettez, of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has admitted that their research findings do not favor the electric vehicle. He contends that electric cars might have a great future, but eventually its success will lie in how much we can clean up our electricity network for the electricity that is going to be used in the production of the car and the electricity that will be needed for charging its batteries to make it run.
          Tests will be carried by driving the electric car and the conventional car for 150.000km. Scientists will then take into account the energy that is needed to refine and transport oil into petrol and diesel. One result was that the electric car is energy intensive and some electric cars impact the environment considerably more than conventional cars. This is because of the raw materials and energy that is essential for building lithium-ion batteries. However, despite these controversies about how electricity is generated, the car is being in most developed countries. The charging of the batteries is also dependent upon the time of day that the batteries are being charged because the electricity that is generated during the daytime is less dependent on coal. In During 2012 the generation of   electricity from coal actually increased because of the high prices of gasoline. However, coal is more polluting than gasoline and in China since most of the electricity is produced from coal, pollution from electric cars is actually far more polluting than conventional cars. In comparison, in a country like Norway where most of the electricity is produced by hydro power, electric cars performed much better than conventional cars in their environmental impact.
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