What is The Cause Of Electric Cars?

There are several legible reasons why electric cars should be the cars that most people drive and why everyone should favor the electric car over the traditional gasoline powered car. One reason is those people will and still do enjoy driving electric carts.  Golf cars are all powered by electricity and i the pleasure you see on people’s face when driving around in a golf carts is pretty obvious that they are enjoying the experience. Most people have no knowledge with electric cars that are being driven on the roads, but when the majority becomes aware of the advantages of the electric cars, they will become firm adherents. The electric car can currently be called a rarity because even the media does not promote it in their reports or features. But word of mouth is just as effective, and when word gets around about the availability and advantages of the electric car, most people will willingly abandon their traditional automobiles in favor of the electric car..
            The progressive march of technology such as the increasing use of the laptop, the progress in communication via the cell phone, the increasing demands for the Smartphone and other technological innovations did not happen overnight, but the increasing use of these gadgets has changed people’s perceptions about the electric car. Since the electric car is still in its infancy, people still skeptical over buying and using it, but with the rising cost of gasoline and the way it pollutes the environment will eventually convince these skeptics about the advantages of the electric car. People who can afford very expensive cars like Porsches and Ferraris who need to adopt electric cars to bring down the levels of global warming reduce pollutions or are affected by gasoline price hikes. It is the huge middle class whose main mode of transport is the family car, especially women who can influence the decision as to which car the family needs or will buy. Eventually women will see the advantages of the electric car and will want to buy it as their family and personal car
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