Comparison Between Conventional And Electric Cars

As compared to electric cars, conventional cars using combustion engines have more moving parts. When gasoline burns, these parts rotate which make the care move forward or backward as is needed. . Compared with this, an electric car does not burn gasoline. Its moving mechanism is powered by batteries. However, an electric car’s batteries are charged by a gasoline powered engine. Electric cars do not need gasoline to run, and their rechargers are powered by batteries. However, proponents of the electric car maintain that electricity is a much cheaper fuel than gasoline and it also causes less pollution. This is true for many reasons which invariably include the use of electric motors. One reason is that many power plants are powered by gas which sells for $ 20.40 per barrel and is less unpredictable, while a barrel of oil costs around $112 per barrel. However, gasoline prices are not the same in all parts of the country so the cost to recharge an electric car could be different in different parts of the country. However, currently if anyone is thinking of buying an electric car, then he/she will not save as much as buying a conventional midsized sedan. Electric cars that run on solar energy will obviously cost more than the traditional car. The major reason is that this technology is quite recent, and there are plenty of glitches to be straightened out before an electric car will be able to compete with a conventional car in many ways. This assessment might is not only important for calculating costs but also for assessing the cost effectiveness of the Federal EV policies which might in the future make the electric car more economical.
 The future might be the overall usage of electric cars, but for now the internal combustion engine dominates. The mass production and the mass usage of the electric car is not so easy as it seems. Facilities are needed to charge the car anywhere which is currently not possible. Another positive feature that the combustion engine has is the capability of filling the tanks in a matter of minutes whereas the electric requires time for charging. Not everyone can afford the time to charge their cars. Until this problem is solved in a  satisfactory manner, the use of the electric car will probably be restricted to a few owners like the people who can afford to buy Ferraris or Porsches. This will take a few years. 

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