Neutrogena beauty soap by J&J Marketing Techniques

Another product that can be selected from the massive product portfolio of J&J is Neutrogena, skin care beauty soap. Unlike baby shampoo which is primarily and pre-dominantly targeted for children, this soap caters to the massive female population all around the world. In addition to this the ingredients present in the soap are also said to include components that do not only have elements that increase skin glow and remove any pimples from the skin, but also acts as an effective tool and product for people who are suffering from skin diseases such as eczema.
Many of the people suffering from such condition who have used this product said to have developed remarkable and positive effects on their skin condition after the usage of this product. Hence, it can be said that like baby shampoo Neutrogena also has a beauty adding as well as medicinal value attached to it (Sharma, 2010). However there are some other aspects that can help us in pinpointing differences between the two products especially in terms of the channels they utilize integrated forms and platforms of marketing.
From a wholesale and retail point of view Neutrogena can be said to be a positively marked product, however it is from logistical and global distribution perspective when errors begin to creep in. The product lacks proper distribution in some places of the world, which implies that the product and its logistical planning for global locations and operations need to be streamlined and restructured as per the needs and requirements of newly emerging markets as well as those that are already considered to be stable market grounds and regions for the product.
 Also, if the global distribution of the product goes unattended it will ultimately manifest its impact on the presence of the product in retail stores where it is already available at present. Also, like Baby shampoo product, Neutrogena is also used by J&J for extending its corporate responsibility and social purposes through campaigns like Dermatologists training on different issues related to skin and the ways through which products like Neutrogena can be helpful in preventing them.
In conclusion it would be appropriate to state that for each product chosen of a brand like J&J the strategy employed for the fulfilment of integrated marketing objectives and aims is different. However, the core objective behind the marketing campaign remains the same. It is to maximize the consumer base for a product and market it in a way through which the core objectives of greater profit margins can be achieved.

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