Johnson Baby Shampoo: Integrated Marketing Techniques

One of the brands chosen for this purpose is Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo which has been one of the most prominent brands launched by the company over its decade of quality product and service providing. The brand is particular catered for children, mainly infants and has the USP of tear prevention due to which it has been able to cater and develop a massive market of its own especially among families and children alike. Since the launch of the product, the baby shampoo has capitalized and exploited upon the unique selling point that it contains substances and ingredients that prevent tears in children of small age when they take a bath.
It has primarily been on the basis of this feature due to which it has been able to cater a massive consumer base for this particular product. In addition to this, it is also important to mention here that the brand identity and leverage associated with the name of J&J acts as a booster for the launch of all its products and hence this brand advantage is automatically translated and materialized in the form of the profile uplift that the baby shampoo was and is still able to enjoy among consumers. At the same time, it will be unfair if the product value and segmented target market of the company is only restricted to children. The company has launched numerous such products through the help of which it is able to cater to the needs and product requirements of a larger target market which encompasses elders and even people from old age segments.  The demographic distribution has mainly been conducted on the basis of products dedicated for different target market and segments.
 Moreover, the baby shampoo product by J&J has been in news for many reasons, the most important being the presence of carcinogenic substances that were said to be responsible for tear prevention among children. However, the company was quick enough to respond to such rumours by clarifying their position by saying that any such substances after conducting thorough research has been removed from the ingredients of the product, reinforcing the fact that the company on the whole does not want any negative publicity regarding one of its highly valued brands (Johnson, 2011).
Apart from that, during all these years no news regarding any of the products by J&J have been a target of any negative marketing. Also, from the perspectives of wholesale, retail and logistical point of view the product can be termed as highly positive, once again because of the established and constantly strengthening global base and operations from the company itself. From a retail and wholesale point of view the baby shampoo product along with any other brand launched by the company are readily available at all prominent retail and wholesale stores such as Wal-Mart, DMart, Target, Tesco and Costco. The company in this context has effectively managed its logistical as well as placement marketing aspects in an effective manner.
Also, in order to further beef up the profile and brand value of the product J&J has launched various advertising campaigns through which they have been able to beef up their product and service providing profile along with their adherence to corporate and social values through awareness marketing campaigns such as Having a Baby Changes Everything. 
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