Reason Behind Differences Between MQM and ANP in Karachi

Karachi has its fault lines in the form of ethnic and sectarian divide but people from different sects and ethnicity have coexisted for decades amicably and peacefully. However, the ulterior motives of some sectarian and political pressure groups in the city spark violence which leads to the loss of innocent lives and property. 

In Karachi, MQM is the dominant force and we all know it has ethnic motives while the same can be said for ANP, a party that purports to represent the Pathan community in the city. Urud Speaking and Pashtoon people have coexisted here for decades but as I said in the beginning some interest groups create trouble on these lines to achieve political or ethnic mileage.  

As Luqman pointed out, the last 5-7 years in Karachi have seen a lot of violence on ethnic basis since the ANP and MQM were at loggerheads. Ideology wise, both parties are in harmony with each other but situation got worse when once Pashtoon transporter was beaten up by the SHO in the city in front of his son.

It was a shameful act indeed. The ANP leadership protested it and asked the MQM high-ups to at least suspend the SHO from his duties. But MQM did not suspend the officer and this trivial issue led to the differences between the two parties. 

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