6 Year Old Girl Rescued From The Magician's Trap

Pakistan still lacks proper education and training to be called an educated society. There are instances of ignorance that evoke shock and astonishment. People in rural areas particularly are very superstitious and they can make the sacrifice of their daughter to gain some supernatural powers. Such an incident in the rural area when a filthy and wanna-be magician adopted the girl in order to make a similar ritual of sacrifice.

The girl was buried alive for two consecutive days in the graveyard only to return to the original parents. The girl was shocked and not normal but her parents gave her the confidence and she told the story.  It is not just the lack of education but loss of basic morality and sense that leads to such incidents. 

Such incidents continue to happen throughout the year every now and then but it still fails to budge the ruling elite at all who should change their priorities and invest more into education than anything else. Education and health are the two areas where our national budget should go more than any other area.

Are we still living in the dark ages or pre-Islamic age when the tribal men used to bury their newly born daughters. Plus, there are no laws or accountability for such moral criminals such as black magicians and others involved into dark arts. In my opinion, there should be legislation on this too but it still seems to be a far fetched thing. We have a long way to go in order to be recognized as an educated society unfortunately.

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