This Girl Wants To Marry Altaf Hussain

This girl wants to marry Altaf Hussain and expressed her wish on a live television. The MQM leader has recently come under severe pressure for his alleged involvement in the criminal and terrorist activities. Whatever the reputation this unusual man is, this girl remains unwavering in her intent. 

She is a teen aged girl who seems to be a big fan of Altaf Hussain's political ideology and did not shy away from expressing her wish. I don't know whether Altaf Bhai knows about this proposal that went on air. Altaf Hussain is a father to only daughter and her ex wife Faiza Gabol got divorced from him. 

The rumors are that Hussain did not enjoy a good marital life and her ex wife revealed that he was battling some very serious psychological and mental issues. He would stay up all night and ask his wife to do the same. He would sing her the songs and deliver speeches on extempore. 

I don't know the authenticity of this rumors but it is clear that marriage is not on the mind of Altaf anymore especially considering the developing story in Karachi that is certainly unfavorable to the political party he founded some thirty years ago. 

Altaft started his politics from Univeristy of Karachi where he founded APMSO, the now student wing of MQM that still operates in the public and private universities of the metropolis. My advice to this girl is that she should keep her hopes alive.
Altaf Hussain and MQM latest news Urdu

There are various critics of Altaf Hussain but he still enjoys some massive following in the Karachi. His tendency towards criminalized form of politics has landed him in trouble. The target killing network of MQM has been exposed and establishment does not seem to stop at this point. It seems they will not root out the criminal element from the MQM which is ironically good to the political standing of the MQM and their leaders and supporters should not oppose the Karachi operation. 

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