Most Famous Pakistani Cricketer is Involved In Criminal Activities, According To Uzair Baloch

The rumor mill in Pakistan never seem to stop especially these days are rife with news and breaking news that come out of nowhere. This story is particularly alarming as Shahid Masood hinted at Pakistan's most beloved and famous cricketer Shahid Afridi's involvement in criminal activities. 

Does this make sense? Do you buy into what Uzair Baloch, the notorious gangster of Karachi revealed during the interrogation with intelligence agencies in Dubai? Shahid Masood did not reveal the name of the cricketer but we all know who is the most popular cricketer other than Afridi? 

I dont think Afridi was ever involved in criminal activities. His photos with Uzair Baloch did come out on the media some years ago but Afridi is a guy who meets just everybody from politicians to business men and local and common people. 

Why would Afridi need to involve himself in the criminal activities? That's far from any common sense thought. Afridi will respond to these rumors soon, I assume. Plus, there were rumors as well that Afridi had offered 10 crore, 100 million Pakistani rupees for a senate seat but the story was quickly debunked soon. 

People, don't go by the rumor mills. We will soon know the fact whether Afridi was ever involved in criminal activities. I am sure he wasn't. 

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