Saulat Mirza hanging: New date to be issued

MQM activist Saulat Mirza's hanging might have been delayed, but the sword still hangs over his head as authorities have contacted anti-terrorist court to issue a fresh black warrant. The development has apparently ended rumours about possible pardon.

If this is true, as reported by Ummat Paper, then rumours surrounding possible dismissal of his hanging will die because the report says he may be hanged next week as authorities have got in touch with the anti-terrorist court for new black warrant.

Saulat Mirza was sentenced to death for murdering then KESC Managing Director Shahid Hamid along with his driver. Though his punishment had been declared years ago, political pressure, alliances in the name of peace kept authorities from hanging him and he was given preferential treatment in Central Jail, Karahchi, sources claim. 

There have been a lot of speculations about whether he will hanged or not, but this past week has seen some major development and authorities seem bent on moving ahead with the decision -- the decision to hang Saulat Mirza.

It remains to be seen whether government further uses Saulat Mirza for evidence as news sources have already reported that Altaf Hussain might be booked in Shahid Hamid murder case as the killing, allegedly, was done at the behest of MQM chief (Saulat Mirza has confessed to that in at least two video statements so far).
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