Exclusive video of Rangers' raid at MQM Nine Zero

It's before dawn in densely-populated, heavily-fortified Nine Zero situated at Azizabad, Karachi. The stars are already shining and a well-coordinated Pakistan Rangers’s show in in town. From a tactical perspective, the show is nothing short of amazing as it happened calmly and peacefully with the successful capture of some of the infamous target killers like Faisal Mota, Umair Siddiqui and Ubaid K2.

And what a show it is. Dozens of Rangers mobiles, ranging from motorcycles to Toyota vehicles customized with LMGs, carrying as many as eight Jawans each, all engineered to knock down any enemy, take possession of Nine Zero and Khurshid Memorial Hall. The whole Karachi is watching on television and news channels have got yet another great story to talk about. Rangers Jawans storm the congested streets leading to the main entrance of Nine Zero, sending on-duty MQM workers worrying.

The operation was carried out so tactfully that there was no way any MQM worker manning check posts could have tipped off to those (criminal elements) hiding inside Nine Zero. There were a bunch of known target killers hiding inside the buildings of Khurshid Memorial Hall and Nine Zero.

Rangers cordoned off the entire area before moving into the main buildings. Fear hung heavy in the air, with workers on duty left scratching their head wondering what had gone wrong and how come their heavily guarded headquarter was raided. This was almost impossible to even think for most of the MQM activists because they have been told all their career that they will never be touched and they are in the safe hands when they are at Nine Zero. Rangers cut MQM security apparatus down to size and seized all the secret cameras fixed at different locations in and around Nine Zero.

Weapons were stashed inside the main buildings as Rangers personnel can be seen recovering a large cache of illegal ammunition. The worrying aspect is, most of the weapons were German, Russian and US made. Neatly-packed guns and rocket-propelled grenades, boxes of bullets and hand grenades, LMGs and G3.

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