Real Churail Scares The Police Men In Saudi Arabia

The demonic sightings are a rare thing but they continue to take place across the world. The existence of ghosts cannot be challenged. The similar incident happened in Saudi Arabia--a desert place where these unseen forces love to dwell. The ghost appeared in the human form and scared the shit out of the police men in the car. 

They wanted to make sure initially what that creature was. When they saw this female ghost coming to them, they tried to run away. You can hear one men groaning and moaning in fear. Of course, most of the humans will be scared if they face off against these creatures. Churail does exist in the world we live but they have different plane of existence. Their sighting is a rare occurrence.

This ghost tried to attack the police men in car maybe because they were going to invade the territory of the unseen forces or at least it was threatened.  It has been observed that once these forces feel threatened, they attack the humans to defend themselves. Is this churail sighting real? Decide it yourself. You can see it yourself that the video was not made-up like other viral videos that broke the internet. It is a simple mobile phone video that recorded the event. There have other incidents of Churail seeing too in other countries but many of them are just manufactured and fake. This one certainly is not.

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