What Will Pakistan Do If There is An Attack On Kabaa?

What will Pakistan do if there is an attack on holy Kaaba? The analysis is that it will go and most probably drop nukes on the country that tries to hurt the holiest and most revered Muslim place. Saudi Arabia has engaged itself in a battle with Yemen Houthi rebels. At the outset, it is an internal warfare between the Arab countries that is well rooted in the history spanning over centuries. But there are fears that there might be an attack on the holy Kabaa using this war situation. However, Pakistan has a clear stance on this issue. In fact, all the Muslims in the world can sacrifice their lives over the sanctity of Kabaa. 

Urdu News Ummat: Saudi Arabia and Pakistan Army. Atomic power and sectarian crisis in Yemen
While Saudi Arabia looks up to Pakistan in times of emergency due to the military clout we have, there have been attempts in the past to bring Kaba under siege in 1979. Pakistan Army had to intervene and clear the place of the miscreants. Any attack on Kaba will be considered a direct assualt at Islam which is of course intolerable by the Muslim through out the world. 

At the moment, Pakistan has not yet decided to send troops to Saudi Arabia. I think it is good move because at the moment Saudi Arabia is embroiled in a local battle with Yemen and the apprehensions of such an attack look far fetched.  Pakistan holds an utmost importance in the Muslim largely due to its military power. That importance grew manifold when Pakistan became an atomic power. I am sure such a nefarious attack wont take place in the first place. If it does, Pakistan will play its major role in keeping the sanctity of Kabaa intact. 

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