New Construction Plan For Kaaba 2020

The new project for the expansion of Holy Kaaba has been rolled out. The project will see its completion in 2020. It is a mega project that will require millions of dollars investment and thousands of workforce. The holy place Kaaba has always been under expansion especially since the royal Saudi family took charge of the country. 

The project has been assigned to the Atkins, a multi-national construction. Previously, Bin Laden group of construction oversaw the expansion of the holy place that is visited by billions of Muslims throughout the world. Many pilgrims have come up with negative reviews about the expansions projects done in the past. People feel that it is a total waste of money. And that the modern style of construction does diminish the original value and sanctity of the most beloved place for the Muslims. 

The expansion project has been mapped out and the company will soon implementing the massive plan. It is going to one of the most landmark expansions in the world. While the Saudi government support these plans as they will add to the capacity of the number of people to visit Kaaba at the same time. 

The video has all the details of the expansion project. I support this only to an extent that if it does really increase the capacity of people so that more and more people from the world could visit during the rush months like Ramadan. The construction of lavish buildings around the holy place will somehow not be a shrewd investment. 

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