Pakistani girl slaps British boy for abusing her in public

A Pakistani girl became so furious with a British boy who abused her in public. The girl, outraged by the slur words, slapped the boy in the face settling the score (not verbally though). It is really something to see as the boy, who appears to be in his teens, was a bit mad and cursed the Pakistani (or Indian may be), but he got his surprise when his attack was received with anger and he ended up getting slapped in the face.
I could not stop laughing at the video that has gone viral on social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube and even on With so many takes and views, a new debate (a useless debate actually) started whether the girl comes from Pakistan or India. To me, it does not matter at all. What really matters is that the dude got what he deserved, and getting slapped by a female is not that disappointing if your fault is big. Abusing a girl in public is more serious than getting five fingers imprinted in your face. Sound a bit nasty though. The guy, tried to hit back and he even raised his hand to respond to the girl. The boy stood nearly six feet and when he got close to the girl, we could see a terrified look on her face for a moment, but someone jumped in and forced the boy to back off.

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