Is every Muslim terrorist? Great answer by Asaduddin Owaisi

Is every Muslim terrorist?  an India girl asks renowned Muslim leader Assaduddin Owaisi and gets the most wonderful answer that convinces her and she cannot help appreciating the man being grilled by some of the toughest judges. Love and Peace to Every Human on earth !!

An Indian TV program aired the interview where Assad Owaisi was sitting as a guest and was being doused with multiple questions.

 Apparently, Assad was ready for the onslaught and he knew what was going to come from those posing him questions. A young girl was brazen enough to ask Assad why every Muslim is branded terrorist or violent. Assad did not wait for a second and answered it from a completely different perspective that left smiles on the audience's faces and the girl who posed the question could not keep from appreciating his present-mindedness.

India has a very rich culture and cultural diversity is one of the main features that make India stand out and this is why Indians love it call their country the biggest democracy in Asia. However, some incidents in the past made it difficult for the general public to keep a balance view of others' religions, sects and schools of though, but still there are many people (one such example is Assadudin Owaisi) who are working to spread peace among people. Hat's off to Asad. 
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