ISI and Pakistan Army Reporting From London

Pakistan is one of the most powerful military forces in the world and its army, air force and navy are capable of dealing with any danger. The country has seen too much in terms of wars and strategic depth as it has been involved in some of the major events that took place in the past few decades such as Russia-Afghan war. During my stay in London uk 5 star hotel, I came across the ex Indian army official and he praised our army while discussing different issues in the uk.

ISI, which is believed to be the best intelligence agency in thee world, has its own history that makes it stand out. Professionally speaking, ISI is second to none and it has shown in the past that it knows the region well, strong strategic skills and has cooperated with the world community for peace efforts and several.


Though there are several other intelligence agencies that have proved their mettle in the past and are still doing service to their respective nations, but ISI is singled as the most effective and sharp agency, maybe partly because of its years of experience in wars especially Afghan war experience that helped it hone its skills.

Strategic depth is important and ISI has always respected the international laws regarding war and intelligence, which highlights it on the list of intelligence agencies. 
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