Gora Pakistan Cricket Fan Chanting Jeetay Ga Bhai Jeetay Ga Is Fun To Watch

Being a cricket fan of your nation is easy but supporting the other teams and countries that you don't belong to is always nice to watch and something very special. I don't know what this gora has to do anything with Pakistan but he's still rooting for our team. It makes me proud.

The gora was spotted outside the stadium where he was chanting "jeetay ga bhai jeetay ga Pakistan jeetay ga" His zeal, support, and passion for Pakistan cricket team in the world cup is very exciting to watch.

Pakistan started off with the world cup campaign in a very dismal manner with defeats against India and West Indies but quickly regained the confidence after winning against the tournament favorite South Africa.

This clip should be played in front of the Pakistani cricketers. It will boost their energy levels and passion to win everything they play. Pakistan has great chance to qualify for the quarter finals and it is likely that we can lift the trophy another time after almost 23 years.

This gora will go down in the memory lane as one of the best highlights of the World cup 2015. He might be an English fan who has now no chance to support his homeland as Bangladesh drove them out of the world cup in a very thrilling encounter.

This video is doing the rounds on the social media and of course among Pakistani cricket fans and for all the right reasons. I wish this gora continues to chant like this and our team keep on winning the upcoming matches.

He is also wearing the Pakistan team shirt. Hats off to this non-Pakistani fan who supports my country in times where no country is coming to play cricket. Great man. Live long bro.

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