What Indians Think About Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar, the speed star aka Rawalpindi Express, has headline many news stories during the world cup 2015. He was giving personal opinions and advice to players. He was bitter after Pakistan lost to India and West Indies and he has right to criticize the players and their performance. 

He came under fire for making fun of Pakistan Cricket Board and cricket players while appearing the Indian most-viewed comedy show named "Comedy nights with Kapil". He was even acting to mock the aging the then PCB chairman. 

Here in Pakistan, his gestures were not met well. A bombardment of criticism ensued. The Pakistani comedian Umar Shareef even called him "Marhoom Shoaib Akhtar". Shoaib has lost many of his fans after his biting remarks on the Pakistan cricket. 

He could have said all this while on a Pakistani TV but his appearance in the Indian show caused controversy. I agree to all the criticism Akhtar is now getting. If he had issues with the PCB chairman, he could have said it on any Pakistan Tv channel. 

But making fun of Paksitan cricket while appearing on an Indian Television sends out a negative message. The common masses of both countries are in the habit of anti-bandwagon and Akhtar must have found many new Indian fans after his biting banters. 

Akhtar does not have all good image among India's cricket fans. Some women even called him a drunkard. 
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