Kashif Abbasi And Fawad Chaudhry Personal Attacks

Hurling personal abuses at each other is a common sight among Pakistani politicians particularly and general public at large. When we are criticized, we respond with raising questions over the one who criticize and lose common sense in the process for sure. The same situation happened between Kashif Abbasi and Fawad Chaudhry. 

Character assassination is a tool used by people and even countries to achieve their vested interests.  Unfortunately, this shouldn't happen on a live television show. Kashif Abbasi is a senior anchor who runs a very famous political program while Fawad Chaudhry is a politician. 

The situation turned into a personal episode of attacks when Abbasi was speaking as a guest in the television show. Chaudhry revealed that Abbasi would not have been able to marry if there was no Musharraf ere when the media was given great freedom. 

Kashif married the female anchor Meher Bukhari some years ago. In response, he bashed Fawad chaudhry and his shifting loyalties with different political figures. These things should not happen on a television show. 

Both went out of the civilized way of criticism and the anchor had to intervene rightly to keep the discussion general and away from personal attacks. I think these things should not happen and those with weak character resort to such cheap tactics of character assassination when they have no logical answer to criticism levelled against them. 

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