Altaf Hussain: Hang Umair Siqqiqui if he is a terrorist

Altaf Hussain has categorically denied any links to alleged target killer Umair Siddiqui who is now in Rangers' custody and has admitted to killing several people including political activists of rival groups.
In a TV program, MQM head Altaf Hussain expressed his views from London, denying links to Umair Siqddiqui. Altaf Hussain said he does not even know who Umair Siddiqui is, and if he is a convicted murderer and target killer, then he has no issues seeing him behind bars and even hanged to death.
Altaf Hussain talked to a news channel and attempted to clear up his position about the recent arrests done by Rangers and police. Rangers raided Nine Zero Wednesday morning and detained more than thirty hardened criminals and convicts. Umair Siddiqui was one of the people who were on a run his arrest is being touted as a big success.

Altaf Hussain complained about MQM being singled out as the only party that is involved in criminal activities and asked the media and security officials to expose other parties as well. "MQM is not against Pakistan, and it will continue to be loyal with the country," Altaf said.

The past days have been pretty tough for the largest political force of Karachi and political analysts are warning of more such surprise raid. 
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