Altaf Hussain expresses anger at Rangers for operation at Nine Zero

MQM head Altaf Hussain has said that those involved in the raid at Nine Zero have made a grave mistake and they will meet the worst fate for carrying out an "illegal and inhumane act."

Speaking to SAMA News, Altaf Hussain hurled charges of extra-judicial actions committed by Pakistan Rangers and some security officials and warned them of adverse consequences in the near future. Altaf Hussain seemed angry at the murder of Waqas Shah who was killed by a stray bullet at Nine Zero after Rangers' raid on Wednesday.

I think speaking in such tone will only aggravate the situation and it will not be good for Karachi and entire political atmosphere of the country. MQM is one of the largest party and they have been part of the country's political structure for the past 30 years and they must realize that peace should prevail at any cost.

Rangers have already said that they carried out the raid after intelligence reports and MQM also was part of the body that gave a go-ahead to the ongoing operation against terrorism and violence in Karachi. Not only criminals arrested at Nine Zero, there has been a lot of progress in terms of dismantling networks of sectarian outfits operating in Karachi, and Rangers really deserve the credit for much of current peace in the city. 
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