The Blind Boy Who Can See Everything

Life is tough for the disabled people across the world but they somehow manage to live their lives. One thing that I have observed from such cases is that they give us normal people a very strong message of hope and courage and most of all that life is worth living. 

This Californian young guy aged 14 is just amazing person in the world. Named Ben Underwood, he's blind since the age of 2 but lives a perfectly normal life that astounds those around him. He can walk alone on the street, play video games and have fun in pillow throwing game at home with his siblings. 


His mother says he had lost his sight at the age of 2 years. Initially, he complained about not watching the surroundings but his mother gave the courage he needed. She advised him to use his other senses such a hearing and smell to live. 

He has practiced or rather perfected the art of living a normal life. He can even type on a keyboard and play games on a PlayStation. That's too much and unbelievable to expect from a blind and impaired guy but the guy is living an extraordinary life. 

He goes up the stairs like a normal guy and without any external support which is amazing at best. I have met a couple of blind persons in my life but such talented boy is the first to watch. God took away his ability to see but still gave him special sense to see the world. 

He perfectly skates on the street and takes the side as cars drive by. It is hard to believe how good Ben is at the art of seeing the world, objects, and just everything around him. He never rams into anything which is absolutely amazing. 

He headlined the major news channels in America and Canada and rightly so. This young guy has a life ahead of him and I am he will lead a perfectly normal life. His eyes were removed through a surgical operation and mind the fact readers that he is not using any equipment to see and sense the world around him. 

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