Sarfaraz Nawaz Uncovers Another Moin Khan Controversy in 1999 World Cup

Sarfraz Nawaz, the ex fast bowler of Pakistan, has always remained as a whistle-blower and he still continues his campaign to unveil the corrupt element that bring disgrace to Pakistan cricket. The recent Moin Khan's casino saga is just a vivid example of the malice that cricket team has long been confronted with. 

Nawaz has come up with an allegation that Moin Khan was also involved in match fixing which is why Pakistan lost against India, Bangladesh and final versus Australia. It is no secret that Moin Khan does not have a good reputation as a cricketer. 

Now that he has offered public apology, will he escape any misconduct on his part? I think Moin Khan case should be investigated thoroughly and there must be some concerted findings that determine his fate. 

He has to come clean and stay clear of all the accusations made against him. But it is highly unlikely given the state of affairs of PCB. Plus, nobody in Pakistan seems to have moral courage and face up to controversies. I am not expecting anything better. Outcome will be business as usual as it happens in merely all other famous cases. 

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