Kia Jahalat Hai Ye?

Religious stupidity is a common sight in Pakistan--officially an Islamic country by constitution but it seems country remains under tight influence of fake saints, peer and spiritual healers who devise different ways to grab public attention and loot them. 

Black magic is a reality as it is a use of negative energies that can destroy somebody's life but majority of the spiritual healers and exorcists are fake. It is more common in rural areas but now this disease of consulting the peers and spiritual healers can be seen. 

Look at this peer who sent his innocent animals to deathbed after forcing them to fast for consecutive 15 days. What kind of Islam is it? Does it have anything to with Islam? Islam forbids sorcery, and magic to heal humanity. 

Is it a religious Islamic obligation for animals to fast just like humans? Of course not. The followers of this saint are more stupid than himself. The interviewees also reject Peer's un-Islamic ways. He can be a magician under the guise of a spiritual healer. 

The lack of proper Islamic and modern knowledge leads people to these methods and superstitions that only deter one's faith. May Allah keep us all far away from such misled people. 

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