Mahesh Bhatt Speech May Cause Outrage But It Should Not

Mahesh Bhatt, the famous Bollywood film director, was speaking to a Muslim community and challenged the Islamophobia that seems to crawl into the Indian society too much like West. His speech will certainly spark controversy across the India especially among the hardcore Hindu rightists. 

He questioned the notion of terrorism and its application to Muslims only. He is right in saying that George Bush should also be held accountable for the acts of terrors he has caused across the world. He rightly pointed out that fear has nothing to do with Islam and followers of this peaceful religion. 

If Indian Muslims mend their ways, they can bring a significant positive change into the society. Only time will tell how his speech is received in India. With Modi being the head of state, the anti-Muslim sentiment has increased in the secular India. 

Hindus and Muslim have coexisted on the Indian soil for ages and they should continue to do in the future in an amicable and peaceful manner. Islam is certainly not the root of terrorism. State terrorism can be cited as the major reason that has sparked various terror-linked activities often taking the garb of religion. 

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