Funny Bank Robbery In Karachi

Bank robberies are a commonplace throughout the world. They are well-organized and well-manned to face any danger of getting caught. They are mentally prepared to face any kind of resistance from the employees or security personal. It takes months of planning and thought to finally carry out the act. 

However, Pakistan is full of anomalies that one wonders how something very serious happened in such a funny manner. An under-equipped and sole robber stormed the bank in Karachi at Sakhi Hassan Chowrangi in Nazimabad Area and successfully looted around 6-7 lac rupees and got away. 

I only describe it as a comedy of errors. First, the robber does not seem to be a professional one. He seems to be an underprivileged or jobless man who took this way of earning some easy cash. Secondly, people are often weary of Islamic-donned people, thanks to Taliban and their terror methods. 

This guy also seems to resemble like one Talib which is why the bank personnel did not even seem to resist. The guards outside the gate fled the scene after the robber threatened them to blow himself up. Clearly, the guy is not even well-trained. He could not handle the gun properly which shows his lack of skill required to do this crime. 

End of the story, he successfully loots the bank and gets away. What a funny incident though! 

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