Punjab Police get training by Pakistan Army. Funny as hell

Punjab police jawans were put through their worst misery when they were handed over to Pakistan Army for training.
Punjab police were handed over to Pakistan Army for training. The training session was held at a police facility but what grabbed my attention is that our police are as useless as we think.

Punjab government decided to arrange police training by Pakistan Army in order to have a well-trained security apparatus and ensure safety to the public amid worst security crisis in the country.

Pakistan Army is known to be the most well-trained force in the world and we are proud of that. Ensuring security and safety within the country is as important as protecting borders and sadly our police are not capable of doing this job perfectly.

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I am not ignoring the sacrifices our policemen are showing in the face of worst terrorism and violence in many cities of Pakistan. They have made us proud of themselves in the sense that they can face the terrorists despite lack of training and good arms and ammunition. What I am trying to assert here is that police training system is useless and it produces no result, something that now needs to be addressed seriously. 
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