Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Best Wazifa for Marriage

The Most Effective and Powerful Wazifa For Marriage: 

In this post, I am going to share with you some very effective and powerful wazifas that will solve all marriage related problems and issues. Marriage is the most important institution in Islam and we Muslims should encourage it to our youth and unmarried problem. Please note that there are various spiritual ailments and issues related to marriage which result in the blockages of marriage for people who are unaware of the source of their problems. Doing this wazifa regularly will ensure that you rid of all marriage related problems by the help of Allah (SWT). 

When Will This Wazaif Work For You?

You may have seen and noticed a lot of people for whom the wazifas do not work and they mistakenly believe that their problems are bigger than their effort. It is not the case though.  There are two major factors that decide the success of your wazifa. First, it is Astaghfar(Repentence) to Allah for our Sins in the present and past life. Secondly, It is Gratitude.  Take these two critical factors in the mix and your life will change miraculously for good. Combine Astaghfar and Gratitude to supercharge your wazifas for getting married and things will just work foe you miraculously. 

Wazifa #1

Recite "Ya Ghaniyu" Allah's (Name) For 3300 times after Isha Prayers.  Recite this for 40 days without any gap or break in between the days.  Try to to stay in clean state most of the time. 


Recite Ayat-e-Karima with Surah Fatiha for consecutive 21 days.  Recite Durood-e-Ibrahimi for 11 times before starting the wazifa. Then read 3 times Surah Fatiha and then read 313 times Ayat-e-Karima. Close the wazifa with 11 times durood-e-Ibrahimi. Allah will arrange the best circumstances for your marriage. 

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