5 Essay Writing Tips and Tricks

Writing an essay and research is a daunting task for students especially if they are not in the habit or have the inclination towards writing. However, essay writing is a skill that can be aced.  Whether you have to submit the essay for contest or academic grade, getting the hang of certain pre-requisites and rules of essay writing can really help accomplish more.  In this post, I am going to share with you five very valuable tips and tricks that will help you write well.  Once you get good at writing, you simply enhance your chances of professional success, not just academically. There are only a few students who write well and this skill really benefits them in the long run.  Below is a breakdown of 5 essential tips and hacks, all students need to know before writing the essay.

Choose a Topic and Brainstorm Ideas

Choose a topic that is clear, concise and understandable. However, if you have been assigned the topic by your teacher of instructor at school/college, the key is to understand the topic first in clear terms before writing. Once you have researched and gained substantial knowledge concerning the topic, it is time to start writing.
Brainstorm Ideas and organize your thoughts. You cannot come up with a well written essay with shattered ideas and thoughts. Invest your time and energy on coming up with a definite mental diagram of your essay topic.  Brainstorm and scribble all the ideas that come to your mind. Weed out the bad and unnecessary ideas and keep the relevant ones to incorporate in your essay.

Thesis Statement           

We cannot create a building structure without solid foundation and the same can be said for essay writing it comes to thesis statement. Every essay and research work has a thesis statement. You build your entire essay around that thesis statement. It is central idea that gives foundation to your entire essay.  Your thesis statement tells the readers about the main idea of your essay. They must be able to grasp the entire idea of your essay by reading some initial paragraphs of your essay.  The introductory lines of your essay should tell the readers about your thesis statement.

Building the Body

Followed by introduction/thesis statement, it is time to discuss, argue and explain the core ideas related your main thought. In this part of the essay, you will discuss all your ideas separately paragraph by paragraph. Begin each paragraph by introducing the idea and argument and discuss it. One idea for one paragraph will keep the essay in good shape and easier for the reader to understand. Remember, the structure and organization of your thoughts and ideas is the key to writing a successful essay.  In case you are too weak with writing skills, you can use essay writing service online but I would recommend little to no use of such services. It is always better to hone your own essay writing skills instead of resorting to buy essay because that might backfire. Hope this personal advice helps you.


You cannot take this part of your essay for granted. It requires equal concentration as does the introduction part. The conclusion of your essay should not be abrupt for it would bring a bad taste to your readers. The conclusion should be consistent with your overall theme and ideas you have argued and discussed across the essay. It is better to conclude the essay with an opinion. Once you have written the conclusion, it is time to reread the entire essay from a reader’s standpoint. Happy essay writing! 
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