Dua after sinning

This dua from Quran is a must if you think you have committed a serious sin. Not only after committing a particular sin, we should seek forgiveness from Allah on a regular basis as we never know where and when we are wrong. So make this dua part of your daily recitation. 
Dua when making/committing sin with Arabic and Urdu translation


Rabbana zalamna anfusana. Wa-in lamm taghfir-lana wa-tarhamna lanakoonanna minal khasireen

English Translation: 

"Our Lord ! We have wronged ourselves, and if You do not forgive us and have mercy upon us, we will surely be among the losers"

Doing istaghfar all the time is what is needed if we want prosperity, peace and blessings from Allah because it is our mistakes that keep us in trouble. If you have committed a sin and are worried about the outcome, stop worrying and be grateful that Allah hasn't prevented you from benefiting from astaghfar and it is a great chance to review our conduct and repair the damage before it is too late. So first of all, say thanks to Allah for permitting you to do astaghfar. Be grateful that Allah usually does not catch us for our wrongdoing during the time we make sins as He gives us chances because His mercy encompasses all things. 
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