Dua for protection from curses

Here is a very powerful dua from Hadith that can give you complete protection from curses. Curses, either verbal ones or in the form of thoughts and feelings, must be avoided at all costs and what's better than a dua that Prophet Peace Be Upon Him Himself recommended?
Dua for protection from curses

In order to get protection from curses using this Dua, you must know that Allah wants us to have full faith in Him and His powers. When we recite this dua with complete faith in our heart that Allah is definitely going to protect us from evil curses, then miracles will happen. 
In order to have full faith in Allah, you must already start imagining while reciting this dua that Allah has already given you protection. Believe in your imagination that Allah has protected you in the best way and all the curses from people or even coming from within you are all being removed and you are now healed ! Allah appreciates it when we convince Him that we believe in His powers and mercy.
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