Best Wazifa For Love Marriage

Best Wazifa For Love Marriage

In this post, I am going to tell you the best wazifa for love marriage which will work 100 percent in your favor if you follow the conditions and pre-requisites of doing this wazifa. A lot of people have asked me whether how we can get married to the person we love without doing anything unislamic. First of all, let me tell you this is not haram to propose or marry the person of you love unless it violates any Islamic rule, value, law or Allah’s command. Obviously, this wazifa is not meant for people who want to do something to initiate a relationship with a particular man or woman outside the marriage. This wazifa will not even work for such people who are looking for ways to start a love affair or illicit and prohibited pre-marital relationship with any person.  The main condition for this wazifa is that your intention and purpose should be pure and clear. That if Allah allows you permission, you will definitely marry the person you have done the wazifa for. 

The second condition is that you should be punctual and regular with namaz (five times prayers). If male, go to masjid regularly and with punctuality. If female, establish prayers at home other than days of period/menses.  The wazifa is simple: you have to recite Allah’s name “Ya Ghaniyu" for straight 21 days as constantly as possible. Continue doing this with belief that Allah has granted your wish and you have already married the person you are in love with.  Besides this, recite astaghfar daily and stay clean and in wuddu. 

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best wazifa for love marriage

Don’t Do This Wazifa For Already Married Persons

Don’t try this wazifa for negative or illegal purpose or your life will be in severe trouble. Using Allah’s name is only permissible in matters that do not violate Islamic values, rules or laws. Also never do this wazifa for somebody who is already married or you will be responsible for your actions. Remember Allah’s watching you and knows your intention. For example, you were in love with somebody but he/she has already married another person. Now, no matter how serious or pure you are about that particular person, you should not do or any other wazifa at all for that matter. 

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