Best Wazifa For Everything

Best Wazifa For Everything

Assalam-o-Alikum Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Wazifa is a spiritual practice and form of meditation and remembrance of Allah used to attract Allah’s blessings in life and avoid calamities, tragedies, mishaps and all problems that one can imagine. What kind of wazifas work and what type doesn’t work. This is a question that every wazifa doer should understand before embarking on any wazifa or chilla as known in sub-continent. Being a Muslim, it is important to understand that shirkiya wazaif (polytheistic chants or charms) will never work in your favor. Rather, they will create further complications in your life. So, what is the best wazifa for everything? I am going to share a very effective, powerful and working wazifa which will help you success and get positive results in your life. Whether it is wazifa for job, wazifafor marriage or wazifa for any hajat or health, it is important to understand that Allah is the only help we should seek. Any other help be it humans/jinns or supernatural are all short-lived and do more harm than favor.  So is it possible to achieve success in everything that we do and every area of life by doing this wazifa. Absolutely yes. This will work 100 percent in your favor. There are some conditions that you must meet in order to see the positive results from this wazifa. First and foremost, you should refrain from all types of major sins, including adultery, usury (sood) and wine drinking. You must pray five times a day regularly and do charity/sadqa and create positive value for people associated with you. Good manners and fair in dealings is also a must. Avoid watching TV, movies or listening to songs as this creates distraction in our lives and therefore Haraam in Islam. 

Method/Way Of Doing This Wazifa:

Astaghfar (Repentance to Allah)

Make a list on journal and write down all your past mistakes, sins and events that produced a negative effect in your life. Once you have jotted down all of them, fix them in your mind and remember by heart so you could recall all these things while doing wazifa in a separate room. While walking, running, sitting, start doing astaghfar constantly throughout the day. Remember this recitation in the image below: 

Best Wazifa for everything

Pledge to Allah that you will never repeat these major mistakes, sins, if the same situation ever arises in your life. Repent deep from the bottom of your heart and constantly ask for Allah’s forgiveness and mercy. By doing constantly, within 20-30 days you will start seeing the positive changes in your life. For all the things you did wrong or lack, you repent to Allah’s and He accepts your apology and sets your life in the right direction. I have personally used this wazifa and have seen miraculous changes in my life. My relationships, dealings with people grew better. My finances grew stronger and people started respecting and loving me. And I don’t get sick or have any major illness. Astaghfar cleanse our souls from all the negative influence whether external or internal.

Allah loves the attitude of Gratitude and has promised in Quran that he will increase in blessings if we are thankful. Make a list of blessings that you have in life. Remember and fixate all of them on your mind so that you could recall them while doing the wazifa. Do this after Fajar prayer, before Maghrib prayer and after Isha. 

Best Wazifa to attract everything positive

While counting the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon you, give thanks to Allah from the depth of your heart. Recite Surah-Fatiha bring all your blessings to mind. This will change your perspective on life. Make a habit of doing these two steps regularly. In the beginning you will have difficulty continuing this because the negative patterns of your mind will discourage you from continuing them. Within 60 days after making this habit, you will see positive and miraculous changes in your life. If this wazifa doesn’t work, that means you have not given up some major sins and have not corrected your attitude. For this wazifa to work, you will need to change life habits and activities as suggested in the opening introduction of this article. 

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