Friday, September 22, 2017

Prayer for increasing sales fast

Prayer for increasing sales fast is here for those of you who are really looking to improve their business sales and profits. Your sales will skyrocket and keep growing if you practice this simple, yet powerful prayer session as explained. 

The prayer for increasing sales must be practiced:
* For at least 21 days straight 
* For 5 minutes twice a day (two sessions of five minutes - preferably in the morning and at night, just before you go to bed)

Steps to increasing sales are as follow:

Step#1 Desire 

Write your desire on paper (so you can take a look at it from time to time). Make a clear-cut sale target. You must remember that Lord answers prayers that are clear and specific. It is not right to just say "I need huge sales" or "I need quick sales" as clarity is very important. 
Correct example of your sale desire: "I want to make $10,000 monthly sales in December (or before so and so month)

Step#2 Belief 

Close your eyes and imagine that Lord has listened to your prayer and your business has made a sale of $10,000 in one month (December for instance). See in your imagination that your bank account has received cash sales. See yourself congratulating your friends or those working with you. Make mental scenes of how you will feel after Lord has give you your desired sales figures. Imagine yourself counting the dollar (or the currency of your country) notes or seeing the amount in your bank account. Your imagination should be so vivid that it must give you the sense of reality. 

*Is imagination important in prayer? Extremely important. The imagination will convince Lord that you have complete faith in Him and you are not a doubter.  

Step#3 Give thanks to Lord in your imagination
When you are doing the step 2, bring the feeling of extreme thankfulness to Lord for giving you ten thousand dollars sales. Hear yourself in your imagination that you are thanking Lord in big words. Put emotions in your imagination and create intense feelings of thankfulness. Also, acknowledge your weakness, lack of control over sales and hopelessness that have now been replaced by gratitude as Lord has fulfilled your desired sales numbers. 

Note: This prayer can really help you make big sales. I bet you will be shocked to know that how much Lord loves His praise and appreciation. When we thank the Creator/Lord in advance, we create miracles in life. As this prayer is based on gratitude, you will soon develop an attitude of gratitude. Many people have seen their businesses grow with gratitude prayer method. 

Let me know how well you did with this prayer. Good luck and stay blessed.  

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