Prayer for business success

This prayer for business success is based on gratitude and it works hundred percent of the time, if done with 100% belief and real feeling of thankfulness.

This prayer for business success should be practiced:
* For 21 days straight
* Five-minutes session twice a day (preferably morning and minutes before you go to sleep)

Steps to Prayer-for-business-success are as follow:

Step 1: Desire

Write your desire on a sheet of paper (be specific as unclear and vague prayers are not answered)
For example: Write "I need $5000 in my business bank account within two months"

Step 2: Belief
With your desire in your mind (keep the written desire with you), ask yourself whether God has power to make your wish come true. If you don't believe in God's ability to create $5000 or even more, then there is no point in asking Him in the first place. But If you truly believe God has power over everything and He has infinite intelligence to create your desired or any situation, then move to the third step.

Step 3: Thankfulness
In this step, you will have to let God know how much thankful you will be to Him when he fulfills your desire in reality. To do this, close your eyes and imagine that God has fulfilled your desire and you are now seeing $5000 collected in your bank account. Imagine yourself feeling intense thankfulness. Imagine yourself praising God for His ability and power and mercy over you.

This prayer will create results if you follow the guidelines mentioned above.

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