Different Skin Types Explained In Urdu

Everybody wants to have a glowing and beautiful skin and use different products, herbs, and therapies to keep their skin intact. While caring for your skin is natural and should be done but even more important is the fact that you should know your type of skin before any further ado. There are five different skin types that are common among the people. Below are the five major skin types.
1-      Oily Skin
2-     Combination Skin
3-     Sensitive Skin
4-     Normal Skin
5-     Dry skin

There are certain benefits and disadvantages of having any skin type.  Oily skin is vulnerable to changing weather and change in environment. Acne and other skin related diseases common with the skin type. Avoid using creams and other beauty products if you have this skin type. Also, avoid any home-made or self-made remedy. Also avoid cold creams to keep your skin fresh.

Combination skin people face frequent problems such freckles and should avoid creams and other beauty products.  Sensitive skin is also vulnerable to several skin related problems and diseases. And people with this type of skin should also take extra caution while using skin beauty products. It is better to consult your skin specialists and follow their recommendations.
The best skin types are by normal and dry skin. People with both these skins are usually free of pimples and do not face acne and other skin related problems.  On top of that, these two skin types require less care and adapt to different weather conditions.   Both these skin types require minimum care and look best under any condition or weather.

 It is always recommended to know your skin type before going for any cosmetics, beauty products, or even surgery.  Before knowing your skin, it is far better to avoid using any facial or skin whitening cream and product for it poses the danger and risk. 

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