Islamic Dua for hayfever

Islamic dua for hayfever: If you are having hayfever, this dua will do a miracle for you Inshahallah. These are ayat e shifa from Quran and they can, if recited with one hundred faith in Allah and patience, will make your hayfever problem disappear.
Recite the dua mentioned below and blow (do damm) on yourself or the patient. Also, blow on water and drink as your regular water-drink.
Islamic Dua for hayfever

English Transliteration:
I have seen miracles and there are people who have never touched a conventional (regular) medicine as they believe in spiritual healing from Quran and Hadith. It is all about faith and believing in Allah as you know your hayfever is not bigger than Allah's power and His mercy on you.
Please let me know how well you did with this dua. Has your hayfever gone already or you are still struggling?

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