Debt relief: Islamic miracle Dua for one hundred percent relief

This thirty-minute Islamic Dua will do miracles for you if you follow the steps mentioned in this post. The relief from debt you are wanting will depend entirely on how serious you are about getting out of your financial mess and even more much grateful you will be towards Allah once you are finally free from debt and loans???????  Remember that Allah can create any situation for you. 
Islamic Dua for debt relief

A thirty-minute Miracle Dua formula: 

Admit > Repent > Full Belief > Gratitude (Shukr)

Do this Dua session after Fajr or Asr prayer. Sit in a quite room where no voice can disturb you.

Step 1) Admit your mistakes. 

Of course, you have made mistakes and this is what has put you under debt/loans. Mistakes are not limited to just sins (like kufr, shirk, adultery etc). You probably showed laziness in pursuing career. Maybe you showed little interest in money and financial freedom. Maybe you were too busy to pay attention to business or job. Maybe you ripped off someone at some point. Mistakes are countless and they can be related to anything (big sins, small sins, laziness, negligence, arrogance, fraud, lies, taking unfair advantage of someone, ingratitude etc). 

Step 2) Repent 

Make Astaghfar to Allah for making mistakes by reciting this powerful Dua 21 times. Slowly and dwelling on the meaning in your own language.
Step 3) Belief 

Recite this dua 40 times with One Hundred Percent Belief that Allah has the power to end your debt problem. Allah is able to do anything and create any situation for you.

Step 4) Intense gratitude and thanks to Allah 

This step will convince Allah that you will not be ungrateful and careless once He answers your prayer. This is the key to fulfilment of our duas. 

Create an imagination in your mind. Close your eyes and imagine that your debt problem has ended. Imagine that you have received enough cash in your hand or bank account and now you are extremely thankful to Allah because you can pay off your debt. Imagine yourself saying out loud Alhamdulillah in excitement and joy. Say Alhamdulillah several times in your imagination.  Spend at least 10 minutes on this step. Repeat your mental film several times and tell Allah that how much grateful you will be once you finally get the debt relief. This is a kind of rehearsal you are doing at the moment (now) to get your desire in future. 

Practice this Dua session for 21 days straight and don't miss a single step if you want Allah to give you your wish. Let me know if you are having trouble making dua for debt relief. I will be happy to help you out Inshallah.

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