Dua for increase in sales and profit

Dua for increase in sales and profit: There are certain rules and guidelines for prayers to be accepted by Allah. First things first, Allah wants to know how serious you are in your prayer -- whether it is a conscious, superficial wish or a serious burning desire that is making you look to Allah for an increase in business sales and profits.
Rule 1) You must have one hundred percent faith in Allah, His mercy, and His power over everything existing in the Universe.
Rule 2) Your wish, dua should be clear, descriptive. Vague and unclear duas (wish) get rejected as it indicates the person's lack of seriousness and little or no interest in prayer. 
Best powerful dua for business sales and profits

Choose Fajr or Asr time for this Dua. This Dua technique is sure to give you the results if you follow the steps explained below: 

Step 1) Make a goal (wish)

Set an amount of business sales you want Allah to give you.  Write it on paper. For example, you need around $5000, clear in big bold letters: $5000 in ______ months/days/weeks etc. 

Step 2) Sit in calm, peaceful place where no can disturb you. 

Step 3) Close your eyes and recite with your tongue and in your heart "Wallahu Khair-ur-Raziqeen" 100 times.

Step 4) Close your eyes and imagine that Allah has accepted your Dua and you are seeing business sales and profits coming in.  In your heart and mind, imagine a voice congratulating you on sales and profit. Imagine that you are looking at your bank account and the amount $5000 has been received as cash.

Step 4) Recite Surah Fatiha three times as a thanks (shukr) to Allah for accepting your Dua.

Giving thanks and gratitude (Shukr) to Allah is very very important as it will miraculously fasten your results , and let's recall, Allah is happy when we praise and appreciate Him for His mercy on us. 

Don't forget to share your experience after you have applied this Dua technique, as I might be able to share how we can make the most the most of making duas the right way. 

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  1. its totally wrong.. you cant to claim in month ect... God is your Lord.. you are a slave. correct is to give you about 5000 every month, but without any terms..