Dua for weight loss

Who wants a chubby physique when you can really cut that unwanted excessive fat down to size, but there are times when nothing seems to work, no medicine, no exercise and even worse dieting too becomes a useless practice.
The Dua/prayer technique explained below is sure to give you the results you want, if you strictly follow these steps.
Choose fajr or Asr times for this Dua. Doing it after Fajr prayer is recommended as your mind is usually clear and active and no irrelevant thoughts hijack your brain. So, do it after Fajr Salah (prayer). 

Dua for weight loss
Step 1) Write your goal somewhere (on a sheet of paper), so it will keep reminding you of your Dua.
Write your wish/goal in big, bold letters: I will lose weight in _____ weeks/months/etc by the will of Allah.

Step 2) Sit in a comfortable position۔ Choose a peaceful, quite place where nobody can disturb you.

Step 3) With your eyes closed, recite this Quran verse 100 times. 

Step 4) Close your eyes and imagine that Allah has accepted your Dua/prayer already. Imagine that your fat has miraculously gone and you are slim. In your imagination, touch your slim belly, your fat-free arms and fat-free neck and say to yourself in your heart that you are so happy that Allah has made your fat disappear. 

Step 5) Give thanks and gratitude to Allah for answering your Dua/prayer by reciting Surah Fatiha three times. 

Important note: At the end of your Dua session, create the feelings of thankfulness as giving thanks (shukr) to Allah is very very important and not to be taken lightly. 

Do this Dua session on a daily basis. Best if you could do it on Fajr and Asr times (two times a day). Jazakallah and wish you best luck in your weight-loss goal.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the translation of this dua