Dua for brain tumor

Dua for brain tumor: Brain tumor is a serious problem as it is associated with the growth of abnormal cells inside one's skull. This dua from Quran can heal the brain tumor problem if: 1. Recited with one hundred faith in Allah's power and mercy, 2. Recited consistently with patience and passion.
Dua for brain tumor, brain tumor surgery and operation 

I recently got a message from someone asking to recommend a dua for brain tumor. The person's uncle was supposed to undergo a brain surgery and the news of risky operation had already troubled them mentally. I just gave them two questions and they were supposed to sit calmly in a quite room and dwell on the these two questions. Question 1: Is Allah not able to heal the brain tumor? Question 2: What will I give Allah in return if He heals the brain tumor on the patient? Intense gratitude or a little gratitude that will last until a couple of weeks after the healing?
The person sat for about 15 days pondering over the questions and vowing to give intense gratitude to Allah if He healed the brain tumor.  Miraculously, the operation went fine and the patient was healed thanks entirely to Allah and His mercy. Can you believe it? If you want me to talk about your problem, you can send me quick message in the comment box or leave your email for me to get in touch with you. You can recite this dua for brain tumor removal operation and surgery.

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  1. Aassaalmu alay kum,My name is Muzammil shah and my Father Muzaffar shah s/o Munawar shah he is suffering from brain tumor he is not even eligible to walk or talk with anyone so I request you to help me out..!

  2. Plz pray for my niece she is suffering from brain tumor and tomorrow is her brain surgery her name is Hoorain