Cancer ki Dua from Hakeem Tariq

Cancer ki dua: This is an easy to memorize dua from Quran and it has been proven to be the best treatement/cure for cancer. If one of your relatives or acquaintances has been diagnosed with cancer, recite this dua as much as you can. Blow on water and give the patient to drink as much as you can.
Cancer ki Dua Urdu and Hindi

Cancer ki Dua transliteration:
"Rabbi Inni Massani-az-Zurru Wa-Anta Arham-ur-Rahimeen" (Surah Anbya 83)

Cancer ki best dua from Quran (Urdu, Hindi): For those of you who are not well versed in reading Arabic text or Quran, I have added a simple and easy-to-understand English transliteration as well. People who understand Urdu or Hindi can get help from the transliteration.
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